We were lucky enough to meet the guys at Tree To Sea and they were kind enough to indulge our idea of having a genuine timber malibu surfboard serve as a dining table - really taking the beach theme that extra mile, huh?

 These boards are made the traditional way form Paulownia Wood, with timber ribs, and surf like nothing else. Tree to Sea run workshops so you can make your own (with their assistance), or they'll make one for you. Get ready for Summer!

Super chilled out dining with family and friends  - there's nothing better than that.

To get that beach bonfire feeling (or at least some of the atmosphere) we went with the EcoSmart Fire burner dropped into the coffee table. It's a great way to get the feeling of a beach party without the hassle, and gives off plenty of heat to take the evening chill off the air. 

The EcoSmart Fire bioethanol burner fits snugly into the coffee table - this is the BK5 Square model, which gives you several hours of burning time - and takes the edge off a cool evening.