Stone Outdoors are a Melbourne-based engineered paving company - their range has the soft textures and mottled colours of natural stone, but with a more uniform, modern line. The range is expansive, but they team at Stone Outdoors are also very involved in custom making paving sizes, shapes and colours for a unique story.

The Ohana Garden pavers have all been designed and made here in Melbourne, and there is no better demonstration of collaboration under tight timelines working to achieve a paving palette that is truly one-of-a-kind. 

Wall cladding was created especially for Ohana by infusing Erskine by Stone Outdoors with blue/green aggregate to reference sea glass found along the shoreline. The terrazzo effect and stacked laying pattern is pure 60s.

The Wavy Pavers' ribbons of curves were designed to evoke the feeling of being at the beach, with wet sand ripples as inspiration.

The quartz look of the pavers really illustrated the sandy beach feeling - Erskine colour was created especially for Ohana by Stone Outdoors 

The 'Wavy Pavers' gave the appearance of softening up the paved areas and creating an optical 3D effect