Glass and porcelain tiles make a stunning addition to any pool, wet area of other feature; the colour and surface variations  ensure that the look is ever changing and reflects light in myriad ways - it's very special details like these that make a project really sing.

Our mosaic mural 'Leilani' was carefully hand-crafted by our friends at Swimple. The swimming pool and spillover tiles are Swimple's Barrier Reef glass mosaic tiles, and some of Leilani's tiles are also from that range - just a small detail that makes the two elements blend well together.


Leilani - the star of the garden and it's main focal point - she set the tone for Ohana, and heralds the essence of fun!

The cool blues of Swimple's 'Barrier Reef' tiles literally encroach into the living areas of the garden - as water spills over the 2 sides of the pool, it's very hard to resist jumping in!

The whole 4.6m high and 3m wide surface of the mosaic is all done painstakingly in hand cut glass tiles - another element of careful workmanship of which Swimple should be proud!