Our friends at Dans Wholesale Plants have one of the best ranges of tropical style plants in Melbourne. We're thrilled to have them be a part of Ohana. The foliage textures we were able to create to give Ohana it's unique look were integral to the project.

We were truly fortunate to get these lovely frangipanis from Dan's Plants - they were one of the stars of the garden, with literally every second question being frangipani-related throughout the show. What a standout they are in any garden, and they looked brilliant with beds of Kalanchoe 'Flap Jacks', Crassula, Agave and Lomandra 'Little Pal' to really bring out their mottled trunk textures.

Kalanchoe 'Flap Jacks' were an early choice to create a bit of mystique and interest to the low-maintenance planting scheme.

A mixture of semi tropical and succulents allowed us to add hints of a coral reef as well as the deep foliage colours and texture of the tropics.